Another Goop Steal – 15 Minute Workout.

I can only be who I am...The Diary of an International Superhero

Just even watching this makes my butt and arms hurt, but I’m all about getting a quick full body work out and I have NO SHAME when it comes to getting one in.

I’ve been debating programs like T25 Insanity, and I already have Jillian Michael’s Ripped in 30, because I do believe shocking your body through different workouts IS KEY. And getting that kind of workout experience in less than a half hour is almost too good to be true. I’ve even switched out my desk chair for one of those RIDICULOUS fitness balls, to try and work my core throughout the day. If I have to sit on my ass all day, I might as well be doing something to keep it TIGHT.


I’ve also been trying to cut down on sugar in the foods that I eat, which I feel like has helped take off 4-5 pounds…

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