Real Healthcare Reform

medicine for real

Dear readers, real healthcare reform exists.

Every weekday I spend an hour in the car dropping my kids off at various schools.  I get to listen to an hour of NPR without having to fulfill a thousand small demands: “I can’t help you right now, Mommy’s driving!”  This morning NPRs Innovation Hub host Kara Miller talked about a program called Health Leads, started in Boston in 1996 by Rebecca Onie.  It’s fantastic.

Her premise is the same as the Jets in West Side Story; “The trouble is he’s lazy, the trouble is he stinks, gee Officer Krupke!”.  It’s the same as Dr. Paul Farmers, who says “Yes he’s got malaria but the problem is he’s starving”.  Onie saw that doctors prescribed drugs to treat illness, but didn’t know how to prescribe the things that prevent the illness.  For example, a child gets a prescription for an inhaler for an asthma…

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