Day 7 – My 21 Day Meditation Challenge Journey (Perfect Health)



Today’s centering thought:
My body is a magnificent vehicle that connects me to Spirit.

Our Sanskrit mantra:
Lam, Lam, Lam
Repeating “Lam” opens the root chakra, allowing us to feel grounded.

Opening Thoughts: So I’ve finished the first week of meditations and what a great week it has been!  For today, we are reminded that by committing to perfect health, we enable ourselves to focus more on the meaningful experiences of life (passions, relationships, etc.)

Meditation: I swear that it gets harder and harder for me to open my eyes after each meditation.  It is so relaxing!  What I love about this program is that each day’s audio clip is only 16 minutes. It isn’t a lot of time to devote in the day, yet the benefits are wonderful!  Anyway, the meditation went well, except for when my dog (Jackie) decided to see what I was…

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