Oral Hygiene: What Are Our Teeth Telling Us?

HART Marketing & Communications Inc.

                The Mayo clinic has a notable article on its website titled Oral health: A window to your overall health that chronicles just how important our scheduled “cleanings” are. The article states that while our mouth carries a normal amount of healthy bacteria that we constantly  control by regular brushing and flossing, an unhealthy amount of bacteria can lead to gum disease, tooth decay, and be an indication of greater health problems such as diabetes, HIV/AIDS, and cardiovascular disease to name a few.

                To refer to a dental hygiene appointment as a cleaning is not only an antiquated notion but one that under values the importance of diligent oral hygiene to the overall health of the patient. In rebranding the cleaning appointment to reflect the true nature of the visit, ensuring the oral and overall health of the patients by monitoring oral indicators, the firm can add value to…

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