Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting is Fluent in Coding and Other Revenue Cycle Challenges

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting

Fluent in Coding

Pinnacle Healthcare Consulting’s Coding & Audit Division

is fluent in coding and other revenue cycle challenges.

Call us today and we can help

you start learning the coding language!

Revenue Cycle & Coding Services

Billing / Coding Audits
Effective billing / coding practices mean more than optimized revenue; they can mean the difference between compliance and fraud. Our in-depth, first-hand knowledge and expertise can help you enhance both revenue and compliance.
Coding & Documentation Audits
Regular coding and documentation audits provide an opportunity for uncovering unbilled revenue and coding deficiencies. Our audits help identify compliance and revenue risk as well as complement compliance efforts for both Medicare and private payers. Find out if your physician’s coding is supported according to correct coding guidelines, documentation and distribution.

Reimbursement Optimization
Collect the money that is owed. Ensure that all services provided are billed and at the correct level through detailed reimbursement reviews.

Electronic Health Record…

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