7 Unconventional Ways to Motivate Yourself to Exercise

Sublime Zoo

Let’s be real.

Getting yourself to exercise can be hard as f*ck. In fact, there are all kinds of excuses and reasons that we use to avoid the activity entirely. However, sometimes, we feel inclined to do it anyways, but can’t find the motivation to.

So, in response to that sentiment, I experimented with a few odd methods this past summer to get my motivation up and here’s what I found to be rather effective:

1. Watch the Rocky Training Montage


Watch that sh*t.

In fact, watch it right now:

Isn’t that inspiring as f*ck?

Anyways, whenever you’re feeling unmotivated and don’t feel like moving at all, hop on your computer and look this baby up. After the fact, you’ll probably be ready to hop into a ring or some sh*t, but you should probably settle for heading down to the gym or going for a walk (or run).

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