A Hill with Hil

Mommy, Go Fast!

Yesterday I met my BFF, and running buddy, midway between our homes to jog along Hwy 45 in Parkville. Both not traveling this particular area on a daily basis, we didn’t realize what we were getting into. We met at 5:30 AM so it was still quite dark (and it was also 50 degrees – GREAT running weather!) and the path wasn’t lit. So we meandered a bit and then took off heading west in 45 Hwy. I scoped out the path driving in and knew we had quite a hill ahead of us, unfortunately we would be doing it on the way BACK which i knew would stink.

Anyway, it was a good-ish jog. We both had to make a pit stop halfway through for the restroom and then headed back to the car, which meant UP the hill we had just breezily came down. I have to say…

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