Back from 2 fantastic weeks!!


I’m sorry for the lack of posts, lately, but beginning with September I started working at my new job. So far I don’t regret starting a new apprenticeship because these 2 beginner-weeks were just amazing!

First week we started with going to Berchtesgaden for working and fullfilling some real-life social projects. Second week we were both in Burghausen and Munich, visiting the headquarters and working on some sort of newspaper, reporting about our first two weeks, how everything went and so on…well, I got elected as the chief editor what was a great honor for me! Honestly, I felt under a lotta pressure but with “my girls” (it’s still a bit unfamiliar to me to have “my girls” again, but really, I got to know some really really special treasure-girlies there) everything went alright! I’m so so so happy right at the moment, I can’t actually tell!

So…maybe you can…

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