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I am very happy with my list of resolutions and I got started on a few of them already. Numbers 1, 7 and 8 all have to do with doctors’ appointments and shit. I set most of the appointments for October and a couple of them for November. And I already had my appointment with the family doctor for all the necessary paperwork, and I also had a blood test.

The only appointment I can’t manage to get is for the Holter test. Hadassah Ein Karem is being most unhelpful. I sent them emails, and left them messages, and tried different numbers and extensions, but to no avail. I might try a different clinic if I don’t get any answer before the upcoming Succot holiday.

I also started on number 6 – finding vegetarian recipes for the week. Yom Kippur is usually the best day to get great ideas for recipes…

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