First Try: Vitamin D3

Be. Live. Free.


The last month I have been realizing more and more that none of the doctors I see will be able to change how I feel. From endless creams I have been prescribed, light therapy, and several antibiotics nothing is really helping my PPP (hand and feat psoriasis). I have lost 5 nails of my hands and can no longer tolerate the pain. I am 29 y.o and try to walk as little as I can because every step is through excruciating pain. I don’t see any way out…BUT!

After a few months of extensive reading, I found this book that is full of studies and cases how a high dose of vitamin D3 can help people with so so many diseases and autoimmune disorders.

You can find it on and tomorrow I start my journey with a dose of 30,000 UI of D3 for the next week after which…

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