Let the Sunshine In

Life In The Blue Zone

As fall is approaching and the days are getting shorter. Are you spending enough time in the sun?

About nine months ago I woke up feeling wiped out, my whole body ached like I wrestled with someone during the night and lost. I started to think of ominous conditions that run in my family  Multiple Sclerosis, Diabetes, Lou Gehrig’s disease,  or even cancer. I made an appointment to see my primary care physician. After I received results of my thorough examination and blood work I was relieved to learn I did not have cancer, my labs were normal, except that I was  severely Vitamin D deficient! I live in sunny southern California and I am deficient from something I can get outside for free? I am indoors for most of the day working, but I thought that between driving, walking in my neighborhood, and playing with my kid in the…

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