Phase 2

Fat to Fit: My Journey

It’s been almost two weeks since I’ve started juicing.

Two weeks of re-learning what my body actually needs versus what my minds says I want.

And now it’s time to add another component to this overall health plan. Today I started working out. (Again.) I used to be a collegiate athlete and I also played semi-pro women’s football all the way through this summer. So, it’s not like I’m not used to getting workouts in. But, this isn’t training for a sport nor is it training for a specific event.

When I was making my schedule of workouts I sat back and imagined what I wanted my body to look like and what I wanted to be able to do once I reach maintenance phase.

  • I want to do my first cartwheel. Ever.
  • I want to play sports without getting winded so easily.
  • I want to have no fear regarding…

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