Pre-op consult scheduled


Yesterday was a happy, happy day!  I scheduled a consultation appointment with the surgeon that I hope will be performing my gender confirming surgery (aka SRS or GRS).  This is a really significant milestone for me, for a lot reasons.

One reason is probably pretty obvious.  Trading my male genitalia for female anatomy is something I’ve dreamed about literally for decades.  Now that I’ve transitioned to living full-time as a woman, the desire to take this big step is starting to feel much more like a necessity.

There are lots of reasons in favor.  In terms of appearance, I simply cannot dress as I like.  The bulging in my crotch area really bothers me.  I work out 3-4 times per week, and I have just one thing I can wear with some confidence: a scapri.  Sweat pants or anything tight like plain leggings are just not an option.  It’s…

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