Psychic Carla Baron details two past lives – this look into previous incarnations eerily explains many fears, health issues in THIS lifetime!

Psychic Carla Baron


Today’s readings were impactful, and I would like to share what Carla spoke about.
According to Carla, there are two past lives that are impinging on my life today.

In my life prior, I died a teenager from accidentally tripping and breaking my neck.
The accident explains why I have severe neck pain today (beyond the normal pain
that a person would typically have due to muscle strain, etc.)

My life at home ‘back then’ was unusual, and in my young mind, I blamed my parents for my death – because I would not have been out running around if I were happier at home. My parents were satanic practitioners who held meetings in the home and their aim was to indoctrinate me into their beliefs. They practiced black magic to gain material possessions by attempting to manipulate fate.

Could my death be a consequence of their actions? I must…

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