Should I have this checked?

Hope* the happy hugger


It all started on Wednesday.  I broke a tooth in the back of my mouth, and since I had previously had a root canal treatment on the tooth it did not hurt very much.  I took myself off to the dentist because it was quite sharp.  After much discussion it was decided that the tooth should rather come out, and a bridge could be organised.  When the dentist tried to take my tooth out it just wouldn’t budge.  So, after looking at the x-ray again I was told that the roots of the tooth had grown onto my the bone. They drilled the tooth loose. I was just about hopping out of the dentists chair with pain.

Since then my jaw has been blue and swollen, and I have a huge amount of pain, and my head has been throbbing like crazy.  I woke up on Wednesday night with a…

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