Stubbornness and Impatience will Bite you in the Ass

Embracing Adversity

“Patience is a virtue.”

If my mom has spoken these words to me once, she has spoken them a thousand times.  For as long as I can remember, I have always been honest with my thoughts and actions.  I don’t plan on re-routing the ship anytime soon, so I will admit – I’m stubborn and impatient.  These traits of mine don’t stem from the fact that I want to be better than the person next to me, rather from the idea that I want to see results.

hourglassI’m a results driven person.  Did I set a new PR (personal record) in my last race?  Did I win a new customer?  Did I complete the task quicker and more efficiently than everyone else?  At the end of the day, did I accomplish what I set out to do?  In all seriousness, I had a phone conversation earlier this week with my…

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