Weekly Challenge!

Youth Of A Nation:Bent not Broke


I am intending on coming up with a challenge for everyone (and myself!) to undergo every week as we continue our journey through the maze of mental wellness.
This week, I am proposing that everyone of us resists the urge to complain or speak negatively about things in our life. For one week. That’s only 7 days.
The power of our minds is incredible and most people are unaware of how quickly one comment about a negative event or situation can turn into a full-blown rage-fest about the entire state of the world. This is a cognitive approach to feeling better; your mind, your friends and your family will thank you when you resist those little nuggets of negativity that come fluttering into your thought-stream.

So when you find yourself with the negative thought(s) or comment(s), take a moment, acknowledge that you are having one, but ignore it and do not let…

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