Give Your Body a Break

Opine Season

Once a month I convince myself I have breast cancer.  The ladies start feeling sore on the sides, where the lymph nodes are.  And lymph cancer is no joke.  I think, I’m over 40.  I’ve spent the greater part of my adulthood cultivating bad habits.  I’m riddled with stress.  This is it.  Then I get my period.  Oh yeah.  That ALWAYS happens.  The next month, I’ve forgotten all about my last cancer scare, and I get all worried again.

See the thing is, I hate going to the doctor.  I have never had a good experience.  Nine times out of ten, they have no idea what is wrong with me.  Typically they give me something to mask my symptoms and send me on my way.  When I was getting headaches every day, the doctor gave me painkillers.  When I developed a cough that was so bad I was throwing out…

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