“No dairy, no soy, no caffeine.”

Misses Boy

What?! Yeah,  you heard it right… this donut eating, coffee drinking, teriyaki loving and dairy obsessed Wisconsin chick was put on a strict diet…
Why, because I was saturating my breast milk with things that were causing my baby boy to have severe acid reflux…..I’m a firm believer in finding a natural remedy before turning to prescription meds, so that’s where it begins.
This journey started almost a month ago and I am just now writing about it because, quite frankly, I was not happy without my coffee.  Not just any coffee, espresso, with milk and a dash of flavored turtle flavored creamer, whipped cream and chocolate syrup… uhhh yeah.
It’s one thing to go dairy free or gluten free because there are so many alternatives, but what I quickly realized was that those alternatives include… SOY… Even the most grain and granola filled cereals contain soy.  Forget any bread…

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