PostScript to Friday


I’ve had the weekend to think about Friday’s doctor visit, talk to my partner, reflect on things some more. I’ve calmed down and recovered from the emotional state that was induced by my needing to head out into the world without my “protections”.

I sent “Dr. Nice” (as I will henceforth refer to him) an e-mail on Saturday (via my previous GP who has left the practice…so hopefully it will make it to “Dr. Nice”…I have no way to know for sure).

I thanked Dr. Nice for being as kind and compassionate as he was. He really did try. He tried reframing, he tried to “validate” my experience as someone who has risen above multiple challenges. However he was unable to see me as a woman with Asperger’s as it doesn’t fit into his mental box of AS.

In my letter, I told him how difficult it was for me…

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