Spreading Ashes

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I carried him, cradled him in my arms, all the way to our private beach.  It was his favorite place to go.  He loved the sun, and the feel of hot sand under his feet.  He found the burning torment of hopping across hot sand on the hottest day of summer to be an adventure. “Today the blazing sands of Rehoboth, tomorrow walking across hot coals!”  Then, he would throw his head back and laugh a hearty, belly shaking laugh. The joke never got old – to him. But that was his nature; jovial, optimistic, and carefree, to the day he died.

I didn’t want to release his ashes. I wanted to keep him near me. We were always very close. I told him things that most girls would not share with their fathers.  He knew about my first kiss, I told him when I was thinking about having sex. …

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