The Art of Balancing


Everyday I’m Juggling…

On Sunday nights, I find myself mentally preparing for the full week ahead. My weekly schedule usually consists of: Monday, work, after work go to the gym. Tuesday, work, run errands at lunch, work and then hit the gym. Wednesday, work, then Muay Thai at TKMT. Thursday morning gym before work, after work, French class. Friday, work, afterwards go out with friends in the evening. Saturday morning, Muay Thai training, house chores, Saturday night social. Sunday, gym, grocery shopping and see my parents. Insert oil changes, paying bills, doctor visits, birthdays, weddings, stag & does, bridal showers, baby showers, house warmings, baptisms, eating and breathing…*Ackkk!! Does this sound familiar? Are you continuously trying to find the time to do everything?

Time is $$$

Since school started last week, time management is becoming evidently crucial. At times I admit it is a lot to manage and can be…

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