U.K. Research Finds High Levels of Salt in Butter and Margarine

Cooking with Kathy Man

For the first time, research by Consensus Action on Salt and Health [CASH] reveals the shockingly high and unnecessary levels of salt in butter, margarine, fats and spreads. The survey looked at over 300 products, from all the leading supermarkets, and found a large proportion of ‘fats and spreads’ (62%) have failed to achieve the 2012 salt targets set out by the Department of Health. On average people consume 11g fats and spread a day, however, whilst people are aware of the high fat content of fats and spreads and the risks linked to obesity, they rarely think about its contribution to their daily salt intake and their blood pressure.

High examples of Butter NB. A portion has been standardised to 10g throughout

  1. Country Life Butter, 2g salt per 100g, 0.2g per portion
  2. Essential Waitrose Salted Dairy Butter, 1.9g salt per 100g, 0.19g per portion
  3. Simply M&S English Salted Butter…

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