Week 3 Workout # 8

It's Time To Turn This Mush Into Muscle!!!!

Yesterday I got home from church and got in the best workout I have had since I started the current 5 week program I am doing. It is a full body toning workout, that also focuses on building your cardiovascular endurance.

Last week I was starting to get a little down, because I wasn’t seeing results like I thought I should be. I kept reminding myself that I was only two weeks into the process, so I should not be as hard on myself.

However, as I was doing this workout I could tell I had grown over the last 2.5 weeks. My endurance has improved and I am slowly getting stronger. After going through the exercises once, I was not completely winded. I went through the routine a second time, and by the end of it I was sweaty all over, which to me has always meant that I had a great…

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