Yea, They’re Birds Now



Ever felt like a complete failure as you move towards your goals? Yea, me too… LOTS of times. I saw this meme today, and just had to laugh. Bob Ross was always a favorite of mine as a kid because my sad-excuse-of-a-babysitter wouldn’t let me play with the other kids. Bob Ross saved me on those oh-so lonesome days…

But really, why don’t we look at our mistakes and failures a little more like this? I have always been the QUEEN of making commitments and failing. Commitments to read my Bible more everyday. Commitments to be a better daughter/sister/friend. Commitments to work out harder and longer. Commitments to actually READ my textbooks. All of these have fallen through at some point in my life… multiple times. So how in the world to we get in the habit of keeping our commitments and reaching our goals?

The first step, as I…

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