A Day of Drifting

Who I am

I keep telling myself and you, my friends, that a particular day is Al and my worst day. But alas, I always seem to be in shock and amazed at how a new day can be filled with lack of words, too many emotions and numb feelings.

Knowing my brother was going to Hospice House for the second time. Another attempt at slowing down those terrible tremors scares me. These active tremors according to the doctors are what will end up making his heart become so tired that it stops.  We all realize by now that curing tremors with M.S.A. is not feasible. Maybe slowing them down for a few days, yes, but not permanently. The only real way to almost stop the tremors at this stage is too slow Al’s body to almost a halt, and this is what scares the hell out of me.

Yesterday I had to…

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