A patient’s compliance is not just the patient’s responsibility


I’ve detailed my health insurance issues before. With the new laws taking effect soon I was researching things again. I came across this great discussion of Obamacare on Reddit. Really, I was just looking for an easy to understand summation, and the thread provides that.

A doctor then weighed in on what was about to happen. Here is their comment (edited for brevity):

The basic idea is that there will be an established list of “ideal care” criteria that must be met, and reimbursement will be adjusted accordingly.


Already, mandatory reporting regarding provider outcomes is beginning. For example, Dr. Johnson, who is a Surgeon, will have to report his average operative time for a cholecystectomy and his post-operative wound infection rate. If he falls below a certain percentile nationally, his reimbursement will be negatively affected. If he is in say, the top 10% nationally, he will receive a…

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