Ageing parents, Pay heed to these 5 Warning Signs of Health Problems


ImageConcerned about your parents’ well being in old age? Just watch out for these warning signals and all will be well!

Constantly loosing weight

Losing weight without any apparent reason could be a warning that something is not quite right somewhere. In case of ageing parents, there could be many factors in play, like:

  • Inability to cook: Your parents might be finding it troublesome to cook because of falling energy levels, problems in reading labels or directions on food products, making them undernourished, and thus losing weight.
  • Losing sensation of taste and smell: Some form of loss of smell and taste is usual in old age, particularly after the decade of sixties. In some seniors, illness or medicines might be the culprit causing the loss of taste and smell. Your parents’ of course will eat food less if it does not smell or taste appetizing.
  • Other underlying conditions: Take care…

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