Baby, baby tell me where it’s at.

Janet Bernson

My sweet grandson has taught me more in his 8 weeks of being on our planet Earth than I may have so far learned in my sixty-somethin years. Here’s the deal according to Levi Ward, life coach and scholar. Take notes. You will be tested.20130916-062059.jpg “Tit or no tit. That’s what babies know. That’s all babies care about. We want Our Comfort Food, and We want it NOW! Really. Okay, there are other things…Yes Sir, we get fussy about wet or poopy diapers, passing gas, and having trouble getting to sleep. Yes Ma’am, we love a good hug, a Pat on the back, some ole fashion rockin and a rock n roll lullaby and some o’ that shuteye will do nicely, thank you…and then we are good to go, until we need/want it again, soon. The same thing goes for you people out there in cyber land. Think about it.”

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