Clothes and Slim Down

The Creativity of The Chaotic Mind

September 17, 2013

Two years ago I had a back injury (because of my scoliosis) that had me taking STEROIDS. Those little puffer medicines made me blow up like a balloon and I was seriously depressed during those days for two reasons: 1) I can’t walk–hell, I can’t do cardio. I was only allowed to do light yoga and pilates every day. 2) I WAS GAINING WEIGHT. But then I was persistent (now I know) about losing all the weight and getting to walk properly again so I gave myself a break (mostly because I know that sulking will get me nowhere). Told myself I can get through this repeatedly until I believed it wholeheartedly. After a year, my hard work paid off; I was able to walk PROPERLY again, I got better in yoga and pilates, I can do cardio, I WAS BACK TO LOSING WEIGHT! Of course it took me quite…

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