Feeding Into



Here is a thinker for you! In making a lifestyle or wellness and fitness change, do you think about nutrition? Do you really care or not so much? I think in terms of lowering my sodium and refined sugar intake. I also think about fresh versus processed or pre-made foods. I also think about bad fats and taming my sweet tooth (one cookie versus a sleeve of cookies).

What Do You Do as far as Nutrition for You, Your Body, Mind, and Spirit? I try and get 8 to 12 servings of fruits and veggies a day. Plus drink my water throughout the day every day – stay hydrated! Please Share – Love to Hear What You Do!

An Apple A Day . . . (Photo by RSheridan)

I really try to find that balance and have a healthy relationship with food. Nutrition plays a role in your health, wellness and fitness!

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