Fitness Day


This past Saturday was 5k number 3! It’s hard to believe that this time last year I had never ran a 5k before, and now I’ve got 3 under my belt. This was the JBLM Half Marathon and 5k Resiliency run that was hosted by the MWR on post. Part of me wishes that we were going to be here another year, because I think I would be training to run the half marathon for next year.

Let’s just say, I am NOT a morning person. I’m not, I have never been a morning person, and never will. I had to be on post to check in by 7:45 that morning, and you would have thought I would have had to be there by 4 or something. It’s usually not hard getting up and getting out the door to the race. I didn’t have too much trouble the last two…

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