Flail thee well

Reaching for Insights: Stories of love, faith and the kitchen sink

Even after more than a week, I am still stumbling over it.  Being the klutz that I am, it’s no wonder I haven’t broken something, like my head.  I guess I got used to my place back home that was smooth. There isn’t any carpet there as I have radiant heat.  It’s not that the threshold between the tile and the carpet is that high, it’s just unexpected.  In the one main spot, it is worn and frayed. Usually, I’ll be walking along not thinking, or thinking of something else, and all of a sudden I am flailing wildly.  I imagine that I am like a rousted rooster flapping wildly.  I confess that I have even squawked a few expletives.  But so far, I have yet to fall on my face.  Notice the yet…

If anything is constant in our worlds, it is transitions.  We change our roles…

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