Getting Organized, Part 3: The Budget

"42 will do."

I deeply admire (and envy!) all those who were able to successfully lose massive amounts of weight while working full-time jobs, raising a family, building a house, volunteering at the local shelter, and still finding time to blog about it all. Multi-tasking is a gift. Unfortunately it’s one I have not been graced with.

But to look on the bright side, as a freelancer I have the good fortune of deciding my own working hours. And, at least for the duration of Stage 1, I made the conscious choice to cut back on my hours. And I mean really cut back

The thing is, weight loss and exercise programs have one thing in common: they can get pretty pricey. Sure, it’s an easily justified expense, because we can always tell ourselves “Well, this is for my health so it’s totally worth it.” No dispute there! Of course it is…

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