Gov. Corbett Agrees To Accept Medicaid Expansion Funding

CBS Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – For months, Gov. Tom Corbett has said no to expanding the state’s Medicaid program under the affordable care act – known as Obamacare.

“We can not afford to expand the federal Medicaid program,” Corbett said. “It is an entitlement that is unsustainable.”

Corbett worried that while the federal government pays 100 percent of the expanded program now, it would drop to 90 percent in a few years, leaving a big tab for state taxpayers.

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So Corbett proposed using federal dollars to allow 520,000 citizens to buy private health insurance and require them to pay up to a $25 premium and, if unemployed, show proof of job searching.

“It preserves the safety net for those who need it most and provides private coverage for newly eligible Pennsylvanians and a pathway to independence,” Corbett said.

The real question is whether the Obama administration will…

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