I Am Sattva Warrior Slayer Of Tamas

Soulsong Yoga Therapy Berkshire


Sattva is all that is yogi good, positive and strong and Tamas is all that is wrong, negative and bad.   I called my Breast Cancer, ‘Tamas’ so it was easier to talk about it.

Wednesday 17th July 2013, was the last day of Radiotherapy treatment, the 3 weeks of treatment ran quite smoothly, although it did wear me down towards the end, I had a little melt down, took it out on my eldest daughter which I was so sorry for … Love you Danielle you were amazing during this journey, my little brick.  The medics warned me that I will probably feel bouts of fatigue every now and then, could happen at any time and last for up to a year, I’m ok with that, I understand why and I’m happy to chill – with cake!  Been fortunate tho, my ever so clean and active life has helped…

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