I drink water before work out….


A quick poll of my running contacts reveals a bizarre array of post-run drink choices in the name of rehydration and refueling. Here’s a selection: Tea, coffee, cordial, plain milk, chocolate milk, energy drinks, water, cola, lemon squash, banana smoothies, shandy, beer and wine.

Is one better than another? Perhaps it doesn’t matter anyway, given the hard workout you’ve just put your body through?

The answers are yes and no respectively, according to Sydney nutritionist Kira Sutherland.

First off, some useful information: “The most vital time to be eating is within 30 minutes of finishing training because your body’s primed to make more stored carbohydrates (glycogen),” Sutherland says. “The longer you wait from the time you train to the time you eat, your body drops off its ability to make as much glycogen as it could have, had you eaten sooner.

“Glycogen is your stored carbs, your fuel tank. It’s…

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