If the NHS is not a market, why do we even bother to regulate it like one?

The value of health

If the NHS is not a market, why do we even regulate it like one? In all the policy debates, this question has been either accidentally or deliberately overlooked, but it’s highly relevant in terms of who has captured the agenda. An alien perusing through ‘The Socialist Health Association blog” might reasonably be forgiven for thinking that we are all on some giant retainer from the management consultants, and we’re paid to shill on a daily basis about the joys of the market in the NHS. Markets mean diverting money from frontline care to wasteful. repeated, unnecessary work, substituting the NHS instead  with entities that have to pay their way like businesses and, like businesses, can fail. Needs-based planning, once the hallmark of the NHS in England, could ultimately turn into the car-crash of market failure. As can be seen from charting the numerous make-overs by the NHS (foe example…

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