Make a Wish

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A friend posted this picture on Facebook today with the title “Make a Wish”

It got me thinking about what I’d wish for… Every thought was followed by a re-thinking of whats possible and a change in what I’d use a wish for. The photo made me realize how much hope I’ve lost, how much the realism that has set in, and how low my husband’s quality of life has become.

My first thought is to Wish for G-man to be healthy,

…But I know that’s not going to happen. Only if wishes were actually magical.

My next Wish is to have him with me for a loooong time,

…But that makes me feel selfish.

So instead I decide to wish for him to be pain free. And if I’m lucky that might also make him happy.

Maybe I’m becoming numb, but I face this reality with a sense of…

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