No, I will not EVER do a Competition

BlondieLocks Fitness

To everyone who asks this question:

Thank you for letting me know that my hard work in the gym is paying off,  I do really appreciate that you noticed.  However, it is NOT because I want to do a bikini/figure competition.  I totally respect people that do them, but I do not have any interest in that for multiple reasons….in list form here we go:

– Bad coaches: there are a lot of bad coaches out there.  I know enough about exercise physiology and nutrition to spot a total idiot guru, but I also know I occasionally put my appearance above my overall health.  Somethings that seem harmless can really add up.  I’m glad I have the background I do, but I worry about people who don’t.

– Eating disordered past:  I was bulimic and suffered exercise bulimia for many years.. this is a huge detriment because I could potentially…

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