Obamacare: A Dirty Word?


Look, I’m not a super liberal person. When I met my husband I was, and he was pretty conservative, but we’ve grown to both be pretty middle of the road. In this day and age–namely, the Obama years–that is pretty close to blasphemy, it would seem. Republicans have pretty much succeeded in dragging Obama through the mud for every thing he could have possibly done wrong, for things that can possibly have been perceived as wrong, and for things they just want to tack onto the list. I sort of view them as hate-mongers that almost comically condemn him for everything down to the rips in their pants–see Jenna Marbles’ Youtube video: “Thanks Obama” for a pretty precise view of how I see the ridiculous extent to which people abhor Obama.

And Republicans have so successfully drug the name of Obama’s Affordable Care Act through the mud, by attaching his…

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