Rooftop yoga in Peckham

The journey of yoga is a long and winding one, from ancient India, to swanky studios in Los Angeles, and then the world. But in Peckham, they’re taking the practise to new heights, writes Laura Burgoine…

Throughout the summer Frank’s café hasn’t just been home to hipsters on nights out; scores of yogis have been rolling out their mats on the multi-storey carpark rooftop each weekend, lead by yoga teacher Lucy Bannister.  Classes have been so in demand, the Peckham-based instructor is continuing rooftop yoga sessions throughout the autumn and winter.

“I had no idea it would be so popular,” Lucy reveals. With classes of 25-30 people, she has had to turn people away. “It really goes to show how much people in Peckham want this; some people travelled for it but most were based in Peckham and have been really keen for me to keep the classes going,” she…

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