September 16, 2013


amoeba Amoebic encephalitis is rare, but public health officials have now proven that the amoeba’s that cause it can survive in treated municipal water. Researchers are now going back to previously unexplained encephalitis cases to see if there is a possible connection. Scientists want to remind everyone that the risk of catching this bug is very, very low.

Just in case STD’s weren’t scary enough, CDC places more bugs on the drug-resistant lists.

Is the US prepared for a biologic warfare attack? The government has been working quietly on this for years to make sure it doesn’t happen, but the anthrax attacks in 2001 brought it to the citizens’ attention.

Research shows that Vitamin D may help children avoid recurring ear infections.

Vaccination programs are important in the US and around the world. Whooping cough and measles infections are on the rise; those especially at risk…

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