The Great Coffee Experiment

The Paleo Pathway

100_5039As some of you already know, I love breakfast.  I love everything about it:  getting up while the sun is rising, doing my devotions and then the smells of wonderful, comforting food filling the air.  I love coffee too.  There’s just nothing like curling up in the recliner with my Bible and nice cup of coffee.  Alas,  I gave it up when I started my paleo diet.  I had read that I should.  I don’t always believe what I read, but this article had talked about the high permeability through the intestinal wall, blah, blah, blah…..Anyway, when I’m looking for a way to end pain, I’ll try almost anything.  Also, there was the issue of caffeine and adrenal fatigue, and that made a whole lot of sense to me.

So, here was my experiment:  someone had told me to drink organic coffee and I shouldn’t have the aches and pains…

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