The Severing of the Medical-Industrial Complex (or Tumor Removal ala High-Deductible Insurance)

Speaking Schizophrenically

There is an economic showdown in the making – a shootout at the deductible corral – and it ain’t gonna be pretty.  In short the Medical half of the Medical-Industrial Complex (what passes for healthcare policy in the United States) is about to get spanked by the Industrial half for being the vampire it is.

In what way might you ask?  High deductible insurance.

There are currently two competing models for the future of American Health Care policy.  These models are competing for one very big reason – consistent double digit medical inflation.  Over the last thirty years the United States has seen average yearly rates of medical inflation nearing 12% or more.  This is economically unsustainable.  It is now to the point that health care alone constitutes more than 25% of the U.S. Gross Domestic Product.

Consider the implications of having over one quarter of a given nation’s economy…

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