The Winter Bug

Confessions of a Talent Agent...

The Winter Bug

Excuse my lack of interesting post today I have managed to catch the Winter Bug that is going around in the UK. Having had it for going on a week now I am getting rather sick of it, manifesting itself as a disgusting cold and then the cold shakes, bloated stomachs, headaches and deliriousness sneaks up. Seriously fed up now and allowing myself to go into morbid self pity due to the fact that I have not had a weekend because of the stupid thing (I was wholed up in bed the entire time) and having to still be at work due to my boss being ill. 

I feel generally crap and to make things even better last night when trying to go to sleep I could not breathe through my nose AT ALL, meaning I had little to no sleep. 

Moody, feeling sorry for myself and…

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