What to do to have sexy abs… *roll eyeballs*


To achieve that much-desired body, they say that one must need to do a combination of consistent exercise plus a healthy diet. Ok, cool. But that should be done in a constant manner meaning nesting several hours in the gym every day. For some impatient freaks, surgical operations will do the work. So with all those many boastful strutting their bodies in Instagram and FB, it got me so stoke to rip up this protruding belly of mine. As desperate but lazy as I am, who doesn’t have time to go to the gym (or just don’t got a budget) , I am planning on just to have some home exercises and diets given by experts in the internet. So I did my little research, and here’s what I’ve summed up:

  • Trim down your carbo intake. This means lessen rice consumption and avoid carbo-rich foods. (what??? so, is three cups…

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