Allowing energy to flow in our home, and jumping in!

Root Bloom and Soar


Ever heard this saying? Without breaking it down or over-thinking it too much, consider…

Where have you been putting your attention? And what is the disposition of your attention?

Life force energy is all around us and within us. According to Eastern medicine, our personal life force energy is harbored around meridians in our body that, when out of balance, can have real physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. Acupuncture brings the attention (and the intention of healing and harmony) to these energy centers and gets them flowing smoothly again.

Our homes have similar energy hubs–physical locations that, when out of order/cluttered/in disrepair/neglected, can manifest in real physical, mental, and emotional issues.

What have you been focusing on lately?

Is your focus on money? If so, is your disposition one of lack or fear? Or is it abundance and gratitude?

Is your focus on a relationship? If so, are you focused…

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