Are You Crazy, or Finally Happy?

Broader Spectrums


Sometimes you come to a conclusion about your life, yourself, or your focus in life.

It may take a few months, a few days, or it could hit you like a bolt of lightening out of a clear blue sky. Suddenly you realize it…..

“This may be what I’m doing, but this has nothing to do with me.”

I’ve had just such an realization, and have welcomed my new found feelings, awareness and the subsequent benefits and obstacles that come with the natural cause and effect of personal growth.

The part that surprised me was the resistance of others.

Suddenly you find you’re more honest with yourself and incidentally you may find you’re more honest with others. This can be wonderfully progressive – it can also be off putting for some who liked the way you were before (regardless of you you felt about you because of it).

You may…

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