First Week of Autumn

Howe's Horrid Hill


After another brief leave of absence (see what I’ve been doing here), I’m back blogging.

So, I’m sure most of you are aware that it is now September, and therefore Autumn. But I expect I am not the only one among us who was not expecting such a sudden and unpleasant plunging into Autumnal weather conditions. Some days, it has been toe-numbingly cold, and when will this wind give up trying to wrestle my bike off me?

I have steadily built up my weekly mileage since investing in my bike in mid-May (cycling can surely be deemed an investment, given the net cost, all thing’s considered, but equally the net gain in health, fitness, self-esteem, ability to stave off deep and desolate depression…), and am now putting in almost 175-ish miles a week, cycling six days out of seven, and have got pretty good at kicking myself out of…

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